Here+ no RTK float/fix (RTK not working)

Hello Guys, i messed around the last days with the here+. After some struggles during the update to FW1.4 i finally got it working as a normal GPS. After that finished i wanted to start with the RTK.

my Setup:
Cube Black with FW4.0.3,
Here+ Rover and Base with FW 1.4 connected via 8Pin GPS Cable
RFD868 with Configuration RawData/Mavlink (both didn`t worked)

When I start missionplanner and let the base find its position and set that as a Base (FixedLLC) everything works fine. But when i start my drone it won’t enter any RTK GPS status (Only 3D Fix).
I waited 20minutes but the GPS Status didn’t change.
Base Satellites 20 - Copter Sattelites 13

I swapped the Telemetrie Radio but also no changes. Do you guys have same problems or better - a solution?

Problem was false configuration on GPS_inject_to parameter and the RFD868 Radio has to be configurated to RawData instead of just MavLink.

Can I use 3DR telemetry radio for RTK? I also got the same problem with GPS 3D fix only.