Here+ RTK base with Here3, won't go into RTK mode

Hello. For my University, we have built our own drone with a Pixhawk Cube Orange flight controller, a Here3 GPS on the drone, and a Here+ RTK base station. There Here3 goes into the Can1 port on the Pixhawk. We are running PX4 software, which should support RTK over canbus in the latest releases.

The problem: on Mission Planner or QGroundControl, once the survey-in finishes, the drone remains in 3D Lock and does not go into 3D RTK GPS Lock. On QGroundControl, it says “RTK Streaming” but the GPS still just stays in 3D Lock mode. I have the base station antenna elevated on a stand with a ground plane.

I’m just looking for any help getting my drone to actually go into RTK mode. Thank you!

Can you share a log if you do not mind?