Here+ RTK - Can't upgrade 1.30 to 1.40

After purchasing the Here+ RTK recently, (my first time using RTK), I followed the ublox firmware instructions and managed to update to 1.30 no problem.

Then I read that 1.40 allows the base to move which is what I need as I am covering large bodies of water and need to be close by with another boat.

However, when I try to update 1.30 to 1.40, when I click the GO button in flashes for a second, but nothing happens.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Hi, doing the same way my ROVER HERE + module don’t want to restart and connect again on USB COM. Everything was fine doing erasing and writing sequence. At the end green screen telling everything was right. But unfortunatly no connexion and don’t want to work … I’m still trying different way … but for the moment no good news.

And you do you have solved your problem ?

Hi Rosario,

It appears I might have had a faulty Here+RTK, but I must confess, I have lost faith, I think other brands are the solution.

No, I was never able to resolve this either.

Thanks John for your reply.

Very strange problem who nobody can change the situation.
I’ll try contacting uBlox directly. May be they will find a solution.
Here products are selled all over the world, and can’t imagine no solution if during firmware something goes wrong,

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