HERE + RTK firmware update ok but doesn't work

Hi all,

It’s not a first time I try to update the firmware 1.30 or 1.40 from uBlox on HERE + RTK v2 Rover module. Every time I try, after a good process described on documentation (green screen on process), the module don’t work and don’t want to connect anymore with COM port with USB dongle available on HERE+ v2 version.
DOC Link :

U-Center used is the last one v20.01, firmware do not appear on U-Center and I try to download manually.
At the end of process everything is “green” on screen but the ROVER HERE+ don’t want to connect with U-Center. I just see the port COM 9 available, I press Connect (green color on top left) but grey color on Bottom appear. Tryed with different Baudrates. No connexion.

If I do the same with a Drotek module, same inconvenient. It seems like no bootloader or configuration inside after installing an update.

I lose the capability to connect the GNSS module to U-Center.

Questions :
1 - Does someone experience same problem ?

2 - Using U-Center, do I need to save a Here+ BEFORE to update the firmware ?

3 - Why my U-Center v20.01 dont show me the right firmware on TOOLS MENU, Legacy Firmware Update automatically ?

4 - No idea how to recover this problem with no connexion with the USB DONGLE available on Here+ v2 version.

Thanks a lot for your helping hand.

I experience a similar problem. I’m also trying to install HPG 1.40 on the Here+ V2 Rover. I can connect to u-center fine, the Rover and USB light up blue and red respectively. However, when I try to install the firmware, the following text will come up and ends in a red screen (side note - I’ve used all baudrates):

Starting Flash Firmware Update
Loading and checking firmware image
Load FW binary ‘C:\Users\atomi\Downloads\NEO-M8P-FW301-HPG140_RNwithFW\DO_EXT_301_HPG_140_ROVER.91bbd17d889e0fe40c2d823991595224.bin’
Binary check success, G80 image valid.
Version: 3.01 (db0c89)
FLASH Base: 0x800000
FW Base: 0x800000
FW Start: 0x86A261
FW End: 0x87ACC0
FW Size: 0x7ACC8
Transfer Packetsize: 512
Transfer Packets: 983
Sending training sequence
Checking communication link…
Timeout #1, retrying
Checking communication link…
Timeout #2, retrying
Checking communication link…
Timeout #3, retrying
Checking communication link…
Communication not possible, wrong baudrate?
Done in 6.4 sec.
Erases sent: 0
Writes sent: 0
Erase timeouts: 0
Write timeouts: 0



Not sure if you are updating correctly

But the COM connection shouldn’t be gone after updating it…

For Jake’s problem, you are not connected with the correct baud rate. The u-center will let you connect but not communicating even under incorrect baud. You shall try different baud rates until something shows up in “View→Message View→ UBX → MON → VER”.