HERE + RTK firmware update ok but doesn't work

Hi all,

It’s not a first time I try to update the firmware 1.30 or 1.40 from uBlox on HERE + RTK v2 Rover module. Every time I try, after a good process described on documentation (green screen on process), the module don’t work and don’t want to connect anymore with COM port with USB dongle available on HERE+ v2 version.
DOC Link :

U-Center used is the last one v20.01, firmware do not appear on U-Center and I try to download manually.
At the end of process everything is “green” on screen but the ROVER HERE+ don’t want to connect with U-Center. I just see the port COM 9 available, I press Connect (green color on top left) but grey color on Bottom appear. Tryed with different Baudrates. No connexion.

If I do the same with a Drotek module, same inconvenient. It seems like no bootloader or configuration inside after installing an update.

I lose the capability to connect the GNSS module to U-Center.

Questions :
1 - Does someone experience same problem ?

2 - Using U-Center, do I need to save a Here+ BEFORE to update the firmware ?

3 - Why my U-Center v20.01 dont show me the right firmware on TOOLS MENU, Legacy Firmware Update automatically ?

4 - No idea how to recover this problem with no connexion with the USB DONGLE available on Here+ v2 version.

Thanks a lot for your helping hand.

I experience a similar problem. I’m also trying to install HPG 1.40 on the Here+ V2 Rover. I can connect to u-center fine, the Rover and USB light up blue and red respectively. However, when I try to install the firmware, the following text will come up and ends in a red screen (side note - I’ve used all baudrates):

Starting Flash Firmware Update
Loading and checking firmware image
Load FW binary ‘C:\Users\atomi\Downloads\NEO-M8P-FW301-HPG140_RNwithFW\DO_EXT_301_HPG_140_ROVER.91bbd17d889e0fe40c2d823991595224.bin’
Binary check success, G80 image valid.
Version: 3.01 (db0c89)
FLASH Base: 0x800000
FW Base: 0x800000
FW Start: 0x86A261
FW End: 0x87ACC0
FW Size: 0x7ACC8
Transfer Packetsize: 512
Transfer Packets: 983
Sending training sequence
Checking communication link…
Timeout #1, retrying
Checking communication link…
Timeout #2, retrying
Checking communication link…
Timeout #3, retrying
Checking communication link…
Communication not possible, wrong baudrate?
Done in 6.4 sec.
Erases sent: 0
Writes sent: 0
Erase timeouts: 0
Write timeouts: 0



Not sure if you are updating correctly

But the COM connection shouldn’t be gone after updating it…

For Jake’s problem, you are not connected with the correct baud rate. The u-center will let you connect but not communicating even under incorrect baud. You shall try different baud rates until something shows up in “View→Message View→ UBX → MON → VER”.

I am also trying to update the firmware. I can only find ublox 20.06.01, . I can install this from the official website, but while installing I cannot find the FIS flash.xml file to upload with this setup.
Can you please help me find the correct website to download the software and related files to update the firmware for rover and base station. Thanks a lot in advance.

Isn’t it in Your drive\Program Files (x86)\u-blox\u-center_v20.01 ?

Thank you Alvin, I will take up this old request. Since then I have moved forward and opened another post about the management of Galileo on HERE2, HERE+ and HERE3.

Indeed the file must be copied in the u-Center directory (20.10 now) and everything is back in order.

Thanks again.