Here+ rtk gps harware

Hello everyone!

I purchased here+ rtk gnss gps kit, that comes with rover, base station, and antenna.
While following the manual, they used the pixhawk board, telemetry module and battery. Can you please suggest me what do I need to purchase apart from the here+ gps kit.

Also, my work is not related to the drone, or UAV but I need to store the GPS location data. Is there another way to work with a rover without a flight controller?

The telemetry module is for sending rtk correction signal from rtk base
rtk base - ground control station - telemetry - - - telemetry - autopilot

The battery is for power up the rover system. You can skip this if you have sustain power supply to the Here+ rover.

You will need to develop a whole set of program to proceed the data, but it’s still possible.

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Can I use raspberry pi to work with Here+ rover using UART ttl module that comes with the gps kit? I was thinking to process and store data using raspberry pi instead of pixhawk flight controllers. I don’t need to use UAV, just want to achieve location with high accuracy.

Yes. That ttl module is originally for connecting to u-center via com port.
You can get data from the serial connection, but you need to figure out the meaning of those messages by yourself.

Thanks a lot for your response. I am a beginner in this field, can you please suggest me some reference to learn/explore about this? like, what driver I may need or how I am supposed to extract the data? Is there any link, manual, video, or any reference to learn about this? I would be very thankful for this.

Maybe you can google the M8P message documentations from ublox
There are various choices of protocol out from the ublox chip

The mission planner uses NMEA protocol for the GPS data.