Here+ RTK GPS setup

I have purchased the Here+ RTK GPS. What else do I need to buy to get a precise location with communication between rover and base station?
Please suggest to me the compatible components I need to buy further. I am new to this field. I have purchased a telemetry module also (holybro, 915 Mhz). Here+ RTK GPS setup

Set it up as described in the user manual

The package should have contained everything you need for the GPS.

Thanks for your reply. The documentation was really helpful.
In the beginning, they show you need just the telemetry module for communication between rover and base station (not included in here+kit). But in the basic operating manual (Here+V2 User Manual - CubePilot), the telwmetry module for rover has been connnected to TELEM module of pixhawk flight controller. Can I connect the rover and telemetry module without flight controller? If yes, how? Can you please suggest me something? Thank you.

That would require you to forward the incoming position correction data to the rover by yourself.
In normal setup the GCS will acquire the data from base and send it through telemetry to the autopilot, then to the rover.
If you want to use Here+v2 without autopilot, you may need to set it up like ordinary M8P devices.

In short: yes, but you will need to find a way to process and send the data by yourself. And I’m not sure how to do it.