Here2 board hw issues and config for cube black

can someone help me break down some of what i’ve been reading about the here2 gps pucks as of late?

I’m having issues with a Here2 compass giving me compass variance issues. it was set up i2c onto a cube black in a large hex. it would take me a while to track down the logs for those flights, but i have them. this was in april sometime. i was on copter 3.6.8 i think. this was happening with the internal compasses turned off as well as on. it was imperative at the time that I have position hold on point for my flights. so I switched to a Here compass and it flew fine in position hold, allowing me to do what I needed at the time. now i am trying to suss out what happened and why, so I can understand it and watch for similar occurrences on the next aircraft before it gets sent out.

now onto my questions:

  1. is the 1kOhm resistor fix recommended on all my new Here2 and 2.1 pucks? i have one of each and wil be using more in the future. or should i just stick to 30+ second power cycles? does this also apply to here+?

  2. i have seen references to having to set the orientation of the Here2 to something other than 0 if it is set in the standard orientation (right side up, arrow pointing toward the front of the craft). i’ve not been able to figure out IF this is even necessary, what conditions it should apply to, why this is the case, and why its not better documented. can someone shed some light on this? if i remember right, it has something to do with setting the orientation to roll 180, yaw 90 or 270 due to how the chips were made?

Thanks for any help. this forum and a lot of the ardupilot documentation has been a substantial benefit for me.

Neither issue 1 or two have anything to do with Here2