Here2 FW Last version

Which is the last version of Here2?

I have this one


1.3 is the latest


Where is this screen displayed for here 2 data?

I have no idea about my here 2 as it’s not detected in SLCAN.

Thanks in advance!

Have you toggled the mode selection switch to CAN?

yes, all done. All the data I can see is in compass screen and it’s detected there. But when I enter SLCAN to try and update firmware, I can’t detect it at all.

Tried multiple version of Mission Planner as well as Ardupilot. It’s just a blank screen :frowning:

1.5 is the latest as of nov 2020

Which CAN port did you connect to?

As mentioned here:

Note: On standard carrier boards manufactured before June 2019, this connector is mislabeled as CAN 2. Connect as shown in the image to the left.

Typically connecting Here2 to CAN1 should use SLCAN1. But for the early batches of standard carrier boards, you may need to use SLCAN2 with CAN1 (vice versa).