Here2 GNSS Module Compass I2C Address

Hi All,
I connected I2C bus of Here2 GNSS Module to Raspberry Pi I2C bus, to log the compass data. From the OEM datasheet the Compass should be ICM20948. But I was getting I/O Error while running the code.
Then I checked I2C devices and surprisingly the result was “0x0c” which is nothing but AK09916 Compass. Is this the correct compass? Or is there any method to change compass to ICM20948?
I checked with Here GNSS module, and the I2C device address is correct, “0x69”.
I opened both Here & Here2 modules and checked the Mag IC, which is nothing but the same I2948 (ICM20948) in both.


The AK09916 is in the ICM20948

It is actually a simulated I2C, the device is actually connected via SPI

You are connected via the STM32

But in Here Module (V1) the i2c address is 0x69, while in Here2 is 0x0c. Is there any way to change to 0x69. Actually I need 9dof data over I2C.

@philip any possibilities that I can get the accelerometer & gyro values from Here2 Module?


Not unless you write custom firmware

@philip I tried getting register values for accel & gyro. But as the address is 0x0c those registers are not accessible. Is there any other hints which we can try?

There is no way to get them.
We do not emulate this in the firmware at this time.
The only way would be to write totally new firmware.

Hi, can you explain how did you connect it to the raspberry please? A picture would be amazing but i understand it was a while ago!


You can connect the Here2 according to the pinout and get the data from the sensor via their buses:

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