Here2 in can back to i2c, well recognized but no more magfield values


we connected a here2 in can mode on pixhawk cube but sometimes at startup, here2 was not recognized. very strange because when it’s recognized everything works fine.

so we decided to come back in i2c mode (moving the switch in here2, changing the wire and connecting in gps1 port). now the here2 is always recognized (appearing in HW ID window) BUT there is a value of 0 in magfield (magfield 2 and 3 show values of the 2 internal compasses). gps is well recognized and works fine.

Any idea for that problem ?

thank you !

pixhawk cube
ardurover 4.0.0 stable
here2 gps
mission planner 1.3.74

sometimes at startup, here2 was not recognized

This may be sometimes the ardupilot search for peripherals before Here2 boots up. Change BRD_BOOT_DELAY to 5000 may solve the problem.

If you can see the HWID of compass, that means it is recognized. Maybe you need to change the compass order in Mission Planner > Setup > Mandatory Hardware > Compass > Compass Priority screen.

ok we did it but the problem still there.

not sure how old is your here2, but you may try updating your here2 firmware to the latest using Mission Planner. Use the search firmware from internet function in MP.

Like Sjourney said, try to update the Here2 firmware.
If your Here2 is from very early batches, you may need an bootloader update as well.