Here2 in detail Integration

My name is Raz and my work colleague Idan.

We have some integration questions regarding ProfiCNC products.
You seem like the most related right after the company itself which has no contact information other than sales department which didn’t respond/direct us.

As we now strive to integrate our company developed system ( which holds FPGA ) with Pixhawk 2 ( Standard Black Cube & Carrier set ) + Here2 we would appreciate some guidance on how to get accurate times from it ( nanoseconds resolution ):

1.As far as we know for accurate advancement of seconds - PPS is required between GPS time tags ( Week Number + Time Of Week + Leap Seconds ).

There’s no PPS wire going out of the Here2 although on ‘Here+V2 user manual’ ( at your site ) under ‘hardware specifications’ the ublox NEO-M8P-0 datasheet does have a PPS pin.
Is there any other way to propogate high precision from the Here2 that were missing ( Sub-second field ? ) ?

*I’ve seen lots of ProfiCNC products schematics on their GitHub page but for some reason ‘Here GPS’ ( any version ), ​is not even mentioned - if you could direct us to the relevant page / let us know why it’s not available.
​( We hoped to see the use of PPS schematics from the chip onboard )

2.We also need the other time fields ( WN & TOW & LS in NMEA protocol ) is there any way to extract those from one of the carrier ports or directly from Here2?
We could work with other protocols though it’s preferred.
Could you also let us know the protocol used to pass those fields ( Mavlink ? ).

3.We saw online different variations in which the GPS Here2 is connected to the carrier ports ( GPS1/2 / CAN1/2 / ITC ) any clarification on those variation and general knowledge of each of the carrier board ports would be helpful.

We have further more details we would like to know but those will suffice for now if you will.
Thanks in advance,

Raz & Idan

Relevant links I’ve used:
Here2 ( holds ublox ) -
ProfiCNC schematics -
Here2 onboard chip ublox -

GPXH header from ublox -

PPS is marked on the PCB in the connector area. It’s a solder through hole. Marked pps

Thank you for the answer .

I hoped for it to be a little more thorough.
I’ll try to precise my questions.

  1. For general knowledge - Is there a link to Here2 schematics? If not why.
    Guess I got the answer from this link:
    HEX ProfiCNC Here2 GPS - a mystery - Other Hardware - ArduPilot Discourse

2.The protocols used ( Layers ) of the GPS fields. ( Mavlink wraps NMEA ? )
3. Any guidance on how to get those GPS fields as directly as possible ( through CAN bus splitter ? )

Looking forward to your reply.

Funny, I just typed here2 gps and foud this image

As for the GPS data, you can refer to Mavlink Protocol and use pymavlink on your companion computer to extract data.

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