HERE2 issue >> GPS 1: u-blox navigation rate configuration 0x1DFF

(Atico FG) #1

My HERE2 connected by legacy I2C / Serial has worked correctly but today I connect it and having 10 sat> GPS FIX, the following error appears:

GPS 1: u-blox navigation rate configuration 0x1DFF

At the same time I see that the air sensor (4525 digital) has begun to measure poorly.

It seems as if there is some conflict I2

And all this without having modified any parameter.

Any consideration?


are you running 3.6.11?

the GPS is not on I2C it is on serial, so that is unusual. Have you carried out the firmware update to the here 2?

(Atico FG) #3

Yes, serial, sorry.

I am running arduplane 4.0.0

But the update is only to connect via CAN, isn’t it?

Ok, I understand. To update the FW we do it through CAN. Then we can decide whether to use SERIAL or CAN.

Regards from Bilbao

(L Kurt Shaw) #4

Do you have something else drawing to much power from flight controller

(Atico FG) #5

I do not understand

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I have connected to CAN2 / with switch I2C on. From the UAVCAN> SLCAM Mode CAN1 menu, I update FW and see the following:

:grinning: issue SOLVED after updating FW >> GPS 1: u-blox navigation rate configuration 0x1DFF, it has disappeared>>>::grinning:

But I have several doubts:

1- I understand that in I have to write the ID = 125 in my case. (I don’t see differences with 0 or 125)

2- If BAROMETER_ENABLE = 0 means to work ONLY with the Cube barometer?
if BAROMETER_ENABLE = 1> means working ONLY with the HERE2 barometer?

Which one is more accurate?

3- In HW ID >> COMPASS_DEV_3 is HMC5883_OLD instead of AK09916 >>> Is this important?

4- In Initial Setup> Compass, I understand that I should leave it like this:

5- NTF_LED_TYPES = 39 or 231 >> What is the ideal value?

6- COMPASS_TYPEMASK = 63487 or 6137 >> What is the ideal value?

7- Is not having HDOP relevant?

(Ian ) #7

The Node Id will self set with 4.0.

As for the Baro CAN is not Supported properly yet so disable at this time.

On the compasses in the current release the CAN will always come after internal or serial. I would disable the two internal via the mask. You can use the guided options in Mission planner to unselect the the others rather than use the number.

Same stands for the Led use the tick boxes in MP to enable CAN LED.

(Atico FG) #8

then 0 to 125 it is the same?


Then, 63487 = My capture, is that so?

I do not understand this
EDIT: OK I understand

(Atico FG) #9

Sorry, do you want to say something connected to the Cube that is interfering in the HERE2?
Yes, I carry a Dragonlink Rx, but the antenna is on the wing

(Colin FPV) #10

I need to disable one compass out off the 2 on the cube
LSM303d or AK8963

(Atico FG) #11

Do you say to not have errors in HUD using CAN?

(Atico FG) #12

If I connect via I2C then AK09916 appears correctly

(Colin FPV) #13

yes it works with plane 4.0.0 with 2 x Here2 gps units
i just cant arm it because there is 4 compass so when you calibrate in mission planner it only does 3 of them so one is left out so it will not arm i get message compass not calibrated

(Ian ) #14

Use the Compass mask command ti disable the internal ones. Also note duel can mag is not fully supported yet. I’d recommend only using one right now and disable the rest


(Colin FPV) #15

out of the list which ones should i do ?

(Atico FG) #16

I still have a doubt. You comment that for the moment until a new arduplane update when we connect the HERE2 via CAN, it place the compass as a third compass, as we see in the previous image.

But in Initial setup> Compass, should we select it manually as in the image below? Because choosing only the external compass with COMPASS_TYPEMASK = 63487 and you perform a compass calibration, then the values of offsets that change are those of the compass #1 (no compass #3).

(L Kurt Shaw) #17

If you use compass type mask as they have told you to then ardupilot no longer recognizes the internals. so yes can will show up as 1 then

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(Atico FG) #18

Ok, maybe that is