HERE2 magnetometer not working

I am attempting to get a here2 unit working with arducopter 4.0.3 via CAN. The GPS seems to work just fine. The magnetometer is a little more difficult.

If I start the system (currently just a cube orange on mini carrier + here2) the GPS works as expected. The magnetometer does not. If I do a software reboot on the cube I get seemingly correct readings for mag 2, not mag 3 like I’ve read everywhere else. I have repeated this many times.

If I use a SLCAN adapter I can see the magnetometer readings in the UAVCAN gui tool even when ardupilot is not seeing it.

What might be wrong here?

I tried to use the slcan features in mission planner, but had very little success. Rarely, the here2 would appear in the list. When it did appear the “up time” reading would often freeze after a few seconds. However valid GPS readings would continue to come in.

Use 4.04