Here2 mounting holes and diameter


I’d like to install the here2 gps inside the drone so I want to lose its original housing.
My question is does someone have a drawing showing the mounting holes, its diameter and thickness?

I would like to prepare my 3d cad design of the drone for the Here2 before I order the complete set.

It needs to be inside the handle that is on top of the main body, previously I had the Dji N3 gps inside but I ditched Dji for the Cube.

Can you help me @philip?

Thank you.

@Eric_Xie, is there a drawing around? If not I can make one

Thanks in advance!

I have 7 assignments and all of them want their drone equiped with the Cube and Here gps so this would really help me.

@philip @Eric_Xie
Sorry to bother you again but could you please make a simple drawing that shows the diameter of the pcb and mounting holes and their diameter? 1000 thanks if you can do this!

Hi all,

Sorry to dredge this back up again, but I can’t find any online drawings either! And because of the weird profile, I find it hard to take accurate measurements! Is there a drawing that exists?

Here3 has a much easier mounting profile