Here2 mounting holes and diameter

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I’d like to install the here2 gps inside the drone so I want to lose its original housing.
My question is does someone have a drawing showing the mounting holes, its diameter and thickness?

I would like to prepare my 3d cad design of the drone for the Here2 before I order the complete set.

It needs to be inside the handle that is on top of the main body, previously I had the Dji N3 gps inside but I ditched Dji for the Cube.

Can you help me @philip?

Thank you.


@Eric_Xie, is there a drawing around? If not I can make one

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Thanks in advance!

I have 7 assignments and all of them want their drone equiped with the Cube and Here gps so this would really help me.

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@philip @Eric_Xie
Sorry to bother you again but could you please make a simple drawing that shows the diameter of the pcb and mounting holes and their diameter? 1000 thanks if you can do this!