HERE2 on CAN with ardurover 4.0.0, which compass use?

Hi everyone,

With Ardurover 4.0.0 i was wondering if it’s ok when the HERE2 is detected as third compass ?

Pixhawk cube black
Arudorver 4.0.0
HERE 2 in CAN mode connected on CAN1

I decided to disabled internal compasses (too disturbed) so i put the primary_compass on third compass which seems to be the HERE2 compass ?

Am i wrong or not ?

Thank you !

COMPASS0 (primary compass) is the Here2 compass when Here2 is connected.

not in my case. it is always detected as third compass. I can see that in the hw id in mission planner. the third is the uavcan, the compass_dev_id3. the two others are internal.

Use 4.04, all the compass setup is fixed.

thank you for that but not sure ardurover 4.0.4 is available. maybe a beta ?

Yea use the beta imo

thank you for that !

4.05 is now out

yes for arduplane but not rovers