Here2 only power light working

hi… am using here2 GPS for my cube
here2 GPS only power red light is working and signal lights not blinking
can u people help me for this.

GPS port 1 or 2? Sounds like i2c connect bad wires or something. Can you post photo of wiring?

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before i have connected with pixhawk-1 it had some issue with power
later i have tried with my cube

Serial or CAN mode?

Im having exact same issue - no leds on Here2 GPS besides red power led. Cube black - GPS1 port. GPS itself gets satellite lock - yet does not pass arming checks, compass calibration, etc.

Try on CAN, does it work then?

I could get leds to work in CAN mode - yes. But GPS does not work in CAN mode (perhaps no node ID yet - but also SLCAN mode wont list any params - in order to set node ID …sigh).

Looks like you have not updated it.

Make sure you are on latest mission planner
And 4.0 for this.