Here2 stady green Led after update

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After update the Here 2 to the last fw, the led from the GPS is always green. How can I set the old hevaivor?


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Please do a video?

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Yep that’s not normal!
Please try repeating the full upgrade process.

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Make sure you flash both the bootloader and firmware.

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ok, I did the FW update again, and leds working normal know.

and just to check it, this params are ok? I see the barometer is 0, I suppose is disbled? is that correct?



You can enable the Barometer if you need it. But only if you need it

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I mean, to redundancy have another one will be better right?

By the way, the strobe led is great! hahaha

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Last question, I think I have read there is a problem with the Here2 and I2C interface? Is that correct?



There are two internal Barometers. So adding a third doesn’t help as there is no code to determine that.


That is why you updated the firmware… no issues after the update

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Any way, Can you tell me what problems cause if not upgrade the fw? thanks!


The GPS would not get configured by ardupilot correctly on i2c mode

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