Here2 with PX4 firmware


Hi, is the here2 external gps unit compatible with PX4 firmware yet?

I prefer ardupilot, however require geofencing function and rally points to be used on qgroundcontrol on the herelink which can only be done with PX4 at this stage

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@Charlie618 I don’t see any issues in that. Here2 is a standard GPS and Mag module with USART and I2C interface as of now both of which are supported by PX4 Firmware.

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Please raise an issue on QGC regarding the shortcomings of the geofencing. Don can’t fix it if you don’t raise an issue :slight_smile:

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FYI: QGC supports the new mavlink spec for geofencing. At this point ArduPilot does not. So you need to ask the ArduPilot folks for the support not QGC.

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FYI: Looks like ArduPilot is currently working on the new GeoFence support so hopefully coming soon.


Support for the compass in the Here2 is now in PX4. You’ll need to use the current development version (master) or wait for the next stable release v1.9.0.

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Thanks @dagar