Here3+ blinking yellow green purpul

what does it mean here3+ blinking yellow green purpul.

I have faced same phenomenon on here 3+ with no reason.
But solved with reset parameter or reloaded the firmware again.

I changed Can_baudrate from 100000 to 230400 . and now I can no longer connect to here3+ parameters !!

You shouldn’t be changing CAN_BITRATE, that can cause your hardware to brick. If you have done so on Here3+, you won’t be able to communicate with it. That is a non-standard CAN Bitrate. To resurrect the Here3+, try setting the same value(230400) on CubeOrange side as well and see if that helps.

Also The blinking process mentioned here means that DroneCAN configuration has not been done properly and LED Notify is not being sent. Please follow DroneCAN setup procedure here DroneCAN Setup — Copter documentation and here for LED config DroneCAN Setup — Copter documentation