Here3 cable extension

I need to extend the Here3 CAN cable to fit my UAV. Does anyone know where to get the plug style plastic grommet at the base of the rover? I’d much prefer to use a proper length cable with crimped ends than soldering together an extension.

Are there extended cables available for purchase somewhere?

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JST-GH 1.25 mm

Cabling: AWG28, ribbon, iconic colour scheme

You can use the CAN/I2C cable in the standard cable pack, and the CAN/I2C splitter to extend the cable.

Thanks but that part isn’t what I was asking about. I’m trying to get a replacement for the plastic piece that lets the wire into the rover while keeping it water tight. Can this (grommet?) be purchased somewhere? What about just a replacement cable for the Here3?

Using a CAN splitter is certainly an option for cable extension but isn’t a very clean solution.

That plastic piece is a tailor made part so you can’t buy it anywhere.
Also, it is pressed combined with the cable sleeve so the piece is not actually reusable.

If you want to extend it, it would be easier to work one the connector’s end. Then put water resistant measures at the junction yourself.

I’d also like to register my frustration at not having an option of an off-the-shelf Can cable extension like we had with the Here 2. Makes retrofitting a Here 3 to a drone that previously had a Here 2 a big hassle. I would happily sacrifice a little of the water-“resisting” to be able to simply plug in a longer cable.

The Here3 cable looks like this inside the housing. If you don’t care about the water repellent, you can still try the old cables with a little modification.