Here3+ Compass Problem

Hi every one!

I have a problem with a Here 3+ GPS, the issue is after some flight, the compass just “disappear”, compass menu show me the UAVCan compass was “missing”. In the HW ID menu show me tha same, compass wasnt there.

Very odd problem, because this is a CAN bus GPS Compass, so as the GPS still working, a cable cant be the problem.

Any idea? or is just a factory problem and and need to send it back?

BTW, I have try it in another orange cube plus, and the first boot the compass show up, but the next boot not. is like random, some time start , sometime not.

@philip @Michael_Oborne

@RoboMotic what else do you have connected on the CAN bus? Also can you try updating Here3+ firmware to latest version through mission planner.

Hello @sidbh , I have nothing else connected to the Can ports.

I try to update today, but seems to be I have the last version

I odnt know if this is normal, but when I try to check the parameters, I get no data

Hi @RoboMotic ! We got exactly the same problem here, with Here4, two days ago.

@RoboMotic please connect through Mavlink-CAN1 or Mavlink CAN2. You should see org.cubepilot.here3+ come up as a device

This is what I get when I press one of those button

@RoboMotic Mission Planner needs to be connected to Cube when you press MAVLink CAN buttons.

Thanks, I got stuck with the old way to connect to the CAN GPS from the old cubes…, now i can see all the options.

Im trying to update, but I get stuck here, the green bar doesnt move. Some seconds after after the progress windows disappear amd not update done.

@RoboMotic Please share the output of the console message from mission planner terminal. If it continues to fail download the firmware manually from here and flash

Hello, I have try to update using the upload beta option in the Menu buttons, i takes like 2 minutes showing me this window, moving that progress bar, the it finish, and seems to be no change.

What is the FW version it suppose to be?

In the next video, you can see this, some times I see this led behaviors at the startup, you can see the left led white the other blinking yellow

About the terminal, I have try, but I see garbage…

@RoboMotic does the SW version say after update? Is the compass issue still there after update?

Regarding the LED flashing issue, can you set FLASH_BOOTLOADER parameter to 1 inside Here3+ params from Menu. Let me know if that solves the issue.

Hello @sidbh

No version, just 1.3, the GPS never get updated, I have try with a Here3 GPS, and the update works, With this one, no update. You can tell the GPS is updating because the LED get blinking blue, and with the one with the problem, the LED never get that way.

The compass still failing…

@RoboMotic did you set above parameter and then try updating? Also what were the results from manual update method using the file from this link ( ) without downloading from internet?

Hello, I have try to update the parameter, but it dowsnt work . As you can see, I´ve done it, but after the paramas refresh, the FLASH_BOOTLOADER go back to 0. If I do a power cycle, the same, back to 0


An update

I have try with another computer with an old MP, the 1.3.8375.24878 and I have try to do the update manually, and this time works

this i what I get now

What do you think? is updated?

I have made some power cycling, but the compass still got missing some times…

@RoboMotic yes, your module is now up-to-date. I would be curious to see the Inspector tab in DroneCAN window, when it gets into the Compass missing state. Can you screenshot with the com.cubepilot.here3+ list open. I want to see if MagneticFieldStrength message is showing up. Also in the parameters set FORMAT_VERSION to 0, that will ensure that the parameters are reset on Here3+ as well.

Also regarding the FLASH_BOOTLOADER parameter, its supposed to go back to 0 after bootloader flash is finished.

Another thing I would like to look at is your ardupilot parameters, so if you can attach them that’d be helpful as well.

I also had the same issue multiple times. I am using Arducopter 4.4.0 with the following setup

  • Dual GPS(Here3+)
  • CubeOrange with mini carrier board

Both GPS and Compasses were detected for initial few flights and then one of the compasses is not found.
Checked via Compass tab in Mission Planner and also the COMPASS_DEV_IDs.

Wonder why this happens. Is it GPS/Cube hardware failure? or is it Cube’s firmware level problem? or is it here3+'s firmware level problem?

We had this issue multiple times. We ended up replacing the GPS to solve the problem. But I think we need to identify and address the root cause.