Here3 Connected Sats lower than Here2

Hi All,

On Here3 connected sats are lower than Here2, On the same environment (testing with 2 drones equipped with Here3 and Here2) Here2 connects 12-16 sats, Here3 connects 8-12 sats.

First I thought it may be just connecting to GPS or Beidou, then i checked the parameter it is set to GPS+GLONASS+QZSS.

Does anyone notice this? Is there a setting or solution because on cloudy days my Here3 cant connect >7 sats.

You may try to connect to u-blox chip directly and see if the parameter settings are correct

I tried this, parameter was gnssConfig = 97 for GPS+GLONASS+QZSS but i will try again to be sure.

Do satellites number showing in U-center looks normal? Maybe you can try to update everything again (Here3+ublox).

Hey Doug,

Any update on this? I seem to be in the same boat, barely getting 10 Sats in an open field.
gnssConfig = 97
Firmware version = 1.7


Did you solve this problem? Im facing somethin similar.


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I do experience the same issue, i am worried if i can fly at this low sat count and this high HDOP