Here3 Connected Sats lower than Here2

Hi All,

On Here3 connected sats are lower than Here2, On the same environment (testing with 2 drones equipped with Here3 and Here2) Here2 connects 12-16 sats, Here3 connects 8-12 sats.

First I thought it may be just connecting to GPS or Beidou, then i checked the parameter it is set to GPS+GLONASS+QZSS.

Does anyone notice this? Is there a setting or solution because on cloudy days my Here3 cant connect >7 sats.

You may try to connect to u-blox chip directly and see if the parameter settings are correct

I tried this, parameter was gnssConfig = 97 for GPS+GLONASS+QZSS but i will try again to be sure.

Do satellites number showing in U-center looks normal? Maybe you can try to update everything again (Here3+ublox).

Hey Doug,

Any update on this? I seem to be in the same boat, barely getting 10 Sats in an open field.
gnssConfig = 97
Firmware version = 1.7


Did you solve this problem? Im facing somethin similar.


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I do experience the same issue, i am worried if i can fly at this low sat count and this high HDOP

any news about this? Still lhave the same issue…

I am also facing the same issue. And at once it was showing sat upto 13-14, so i fly it up. Suddenly after few minutes the sat drop to 0 and hdop become 100. and No fix msg recieved and it just fly away. By god grace it was recovered.
What could be the reason for that?
My CAN port was damaged so i was using it on serial. Firmware was 4.0.7 , Cube Black.

Hi everyone, may be this can help.

I have solve my low sat problem, the issue was the only one screw here 3 has to atach to the frame , Very odd, we to have use a shorter screw and not to tight, and I got the 17 sat again.

Hope this can hep to everyone.