HERE3+ dual GPS issue

Hello @philip @sidbh,
I am using HERE3+ dual GPS with cube orange plus.
But getting warning messages- Prearm: GPS2 unhealthy…
Is there any solution. Please help me to solve this.
Thank you

Use them on different can ports… one on each

Thank you @philip Sir.

What about on mini carrier board for Two Here3+ GPS to use?
Mini carrier board has only one CAN port and both Here3+ shouldn’t not be connected on same port with different node ID?

I was tried with CUAV Neo2 Pro or Neo3 pro gps ( CAN protocol gps) on same port and it was working nicely.but why not with two Here3+ on one CAN Port?

It works with latest firmware.

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I will check it.

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It’s not a problem, it’s just easy to miss

Today i have tried with AC 4.4.0 on Cube orange+ which is very latest firmware with Dual Here3+ on CAN 2 port of Mini carrier board with isolation Power to the Here3+. please refer the image below.

still have facing Prearm:GPS2 Not healthy.

here is the log for that :DUAL Here3+ not healthy.bin - Google Drive

i have checked the GPA Delta parameter for each gps and found GPS2 Not maintaining 200ms update rate.

I have checked each gps individually and both of them working normally.

i have tested this both Here3+ on standard carrier board each GPS on each CAN ports.
in this setup its working normally and NO Prearm error as GPS2 not healthy.
problem is with mini carrier board only.

@sidbh @Michael_Oborne @tridge

Any ideas all?