Here3+ firmware upgrade


I want to upgrade here3+ gps firmware to latest.

Actually I have taken 3-4 flights with here3+ then suddenly compass not found error occoured.
In mission planner its showing external compass missing.
I have search about it and thought of upgrading here3+ firmware.
But after updting from mission planner i am getting 1.10 version of here3+.

I have anather here3+ gps in that firmware version is 1.3.
so can i upgrade my first here3+ gps to latest firmware.

Please help me to recover my gps i have 3 gps with same issue.

Thank You.

id[125] is having sw version 1.10.
id[124] is having sw version 1.3.

You can click on inspector tab and check the data packets that are coming from particular GPS node. Share screenshot of the same.

@manish did you loose the compass after trying to update? or it disappeared and hasn’t come back even after update?