Here3 GPS issue

As I connect the GPS with cube orange, white light glows in the GPS. I tried to debug the issue but there is no description about White color in led.
I am able to know what can be the issue.
Please help me with the same.
One more thing i want to add, we have extended the wire from for our ease.


DId you have this problem straight out of the box ?
Can you please double chech the extent wire ?
Can you take a picture of the extend wire if you do not mind ?

In the first go, it was working fine but it stopped working and showing led color white suddenly.
I checked Power, GND and CAN_H and CAN_L line that is also connected properly.
We have just extended the wire by 30 cm.

Waiting for your response.

Could be bus termination issue. Measure resistance between CANL and CANH and post here

Hi Mallikarjun,
I checked resistance between CANL_H and CAN_L and the voltages as well.
All of them seems to be OK.
One more point i want to add for your information that I can see the on SLcan means it is communication through CAN so i don’t think that can be issue.
But i will check once more as you are saying.

When one end is open near about 120Ohm
when both are connected nearly 60Ohm