Here3+ GPS Module Malfunction - Erroneous Velocity Reading

I recently purchased two Here3+ GPS modules and have been experiencing an issue with one of them. Specifically, the device is displaying a velocity value even when it is stationary, which I believe is a malfunction.

I am reaching out to the community to see if anyone else has experienced a similar issue with their Here3+ GPS module or has any advice on how to troubleshoot and/or fix the malfunctioning module.

Hi can you please share a screenshot or video of your GCS with this error ?

Dear Mike,
I hope this message finds you well. Regarding the attached files, I wanted to clarify that the red line in the graph represents the data collected by the erroneous GPS module (GPS1), while the blue line represents the normal working one.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this. I would be happy to provide more information or discuss the matter further.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Can you try swap gps1 and gps2 to check if that gps still has that error ?
Did you use RTK ?
Can you please share the bin log and your UAV set up if you do not mind ?

I did the following, yet found no difference

  1. swapped GPS1 & GPS2,
  2. removed all CAN devices including gps2 and just kept gps1 connected
  3. replaced power module with a different one

I use Here+ RTK.

The following is my UAV setup:

  1. Frame : EFT E610p Hex Rotor
  2. Motor : Hobbywing X6 power system
  3. Radar. : Slamtec RPLiDAR A2
  4. Rangefinder : Benewake TFmini-i-CAN, TFMini-S Micro LiDAR(upward facing)
  5. Receiver : Skydroid T12
  6. GPS1 & 2 : CubePilot Here3+
  7. RTK : Here+ RTK
  8. FC : Cube Orange+
  9. Opt.Flow : HereFlow
  10. Batteries : Tattu 6s 16,000mAh X 2

Hi Mike,
I attempted to install both GPS modules separately onto a flight controller with basic configuration. However, I still encountered the “PreArm: GPS 1: not healthy” error message when I connected the module that was previously identified as defective.

I am unable to locate any technical documentation or user manual pertaining to the Here3+ module. The only available manual is the general instruction manual for Here3. Unfortunately, the parameters for Here3+ and Here3 differ, and I am unable to find any information on the Here3+ manual or the parameters list. Kindly provide me with the user manual for Here3+ that includes the parameters list and instructions for updating the UBLOX firmware.

Here3 and Here3+ should use the same parameter setting.
Please check this document.

It appears that the Here3+ does not have parameters like passThrough, gnssConfig etc, which are mentioned in the Here3 manual you shared (I assume the parameter names are different). Moreover, there is no description provided in the Here3 documentation about these parameters, so it is unclear what value to set for each parameter.

Sorry,it might be some mis-understanding.
Here3+ firmware is base on AP_Periph, so it will be different with Here3.
And you can find the instructions for updating the UBLOX firmware in the link above, at “4.instructions for updating the UBLOX firmware.”


I am using two here3pluse GPS with cube orange
FC . The prearm : GPS2 unhealthy message appears on the GCS . It tried in the different here3 plus GPS also but the result is still same . Can you help me to solve this issue