Here3 GPS needs to be unplugged and re-pluggged everytime I power on quadcopter (with Herelink, PX4, Orange cube)


I am using PX4 in Orange cube, Herelink groundunit which has QGroundControl app, and the Here3 GPS.

Everytime I power on the quadcopter, when I try to Arm it, it throws an error saying “Primary compass not found”, even though the Here3 is connected to CAN1 port on Orange cube. (I have done the setup as mentioned on cubepilot webpage, ie kept UAVCAN as Sensor_Automatic_Config).

Now, when I unplug the Here3 cable from CAN1 port in Orange cube and then REPLUG it, the blue lights start flashing and then I am able to Arm.

This happens everytime I power on the quadcopter.

Please help for solving this issue.

Thanks and regards,

This happens because the board sometimes boot way faster than Here3. Hence autopilot may not be able to scan it.
You may try to set BRD_BOOT_DELAY to like 5s.

@Alvin As I had mentioned that I am using PX4, is there an analogous parameter in PX4 which corresponds to BRD_BOOT_DELAY ?? Thanks.

Looks like Px4 don’t have it.
You can use QGC to send a reboot command to the flight controller, so the here3 will be ready when the controller is rebooted.