Here3 GPS no fix in Mission Planner, but UAVCAN inspector shows Coordinates

I am using Here3 with Cube Orange running on Arducopter 4.2.
I cant get GPS fix, lock. Mp shows no satellites found. But when i go under DroneCAN inspector i can see it being connected to 15 sats with the all coordinations.
Im sure i followed here3 setup parameters thoroughly.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @rtakak

It is better to send your parameter list in order to double check if everything is alright.

Hello, thanks for the reply.
Just today i fixed the problem only with changing GPS_AUTO_CONFIG parameters from 2 to 1

I dont understand why it has to be 1 instead of 2 to work properly. Cuz when we check the official description of parameters it states we should use 2 for CAN GPS, this value for the parameter is also 2 per Here 3 setup guide.

Setting GPS_AUTO_CONFIG to 2 automatically sets the receiver for moving base

If you are not doing that, set the parameters as shown in the Here 3 manual

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But It shouldn’t if GPS_TYPE=9. I think it doesn’t do that.

This is what the code does: