Here3 GPS stuck on maintainance mode and critical health

After connecting mission planner to the here3 GPS and selecting update for the GPS in the DroneCanUAV/CAN menu, the GPS is now stuck in maintenance mode and critical health. I pressed update numerous times earlier in the day with no issue. This problem seemed to happen after we swapped out the GPS. I’ve swapped the GPS back but now both are stuck in maintenance mode. When clicking update in the menu it says “fw bin”: if that helps? Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

Can you please share a sreenshot on your DroneCanUAV/CAN menual ?
Can you check current firmware version ?

Here is an image of the DroneCanUAV/CAN manual

I believe the GPS had the latest firmware before it starting having this error (1.8 something?)

whenever update is performed the mode start as “SOFTWARE_UPDATE” with health being “OK”, and goes to mode “MAINTENANCE” and health being “CRITICAL”