Here3 GPS with Raspberry Pi

I am new to the CAN protocol. It looks like I will not be able to just connect this to GPIO pins on a Pi and send/receive UBX messages like I can with a UART GPS. I found this CAN bus controller for the Pi:

Am I on the right track? Has anyone used something like this with the Here3?

@scarypezsanta please note that firmware for Here3 is an open project GitHub - CubePilot/Here2: here2/here3 firmware you can modify firmware to simply pass through serial data .

Default operation is that it expects I2C requests to pass through UBX messages over serial port.

I am confused by your reply. The manual says the Here3 speaks over CAN not I2C. This post from last year:

says it might be possible to switch it to I2C via a hardware switch but the manual doesn’t mention that ability. I have found there is still no mention of that in the manual. Only of CAN connectivity.

Unfortunately my work requires I leave the firmware alone as I am testing the firmware of the device so modifying it could affect the results. If you mean that it is possible to switch to UART without modifying the firmware that might be an option, though changing settings would require that I could talk to it in the first place and I don’t have a cube to connect it to, just a PI.