Here3 IMU 3or6 degrees of freedom?

I’m hoping someone could answer the above question? Also is this information is downloadable x,y,z +Pitch Yaw Roll as GPS data logs not just FC data. I’m looking at a stand alone DSLR RTK option but would like to build it with Pitch and Roll, Hot shoe feedback to GPS, and stored as event in UBX log.

For now the Here3 is not using the IMU inside.
You can’t read any data from it in the current firmware either.

Maybe you could ask @Michael_Oborne if there are any updates in the future that may make it possible.

the here3 by itself can not do this, the here3 has an imu yes, but it does not compute roll pitch and yaw, as there are something that are calculated from the imu data gyro and accel, its not just given.

Thanks Michael

Hello there Michael, I thought i’d piggy back this thread rather than create a new thread.

I’m currently getting the GNSS data from the Here3, is there a command to enable the IMU data to be sent? I’m just interested in the raw data.

Or am I using a device with old firmware?

Thanks for your time.

currently the data is not exported anywhere. the mag data is used, but the gyro and accel are just ride along.