Here3 Inconsistent (LOW) Sat Number


One of our drones is showing a weird discrepancy between the number of satellites for each Here3 receiver (sometimes 8 satellites while the other gets 16!). We’ve been using a dual Here3 setup since 2020 and I don’t recall any similar episode.


  • Cube Orange+
  • Kore Carrier Board
  • Dual Here3 (simetrically placed)

Important Considerations:

  • There are other drones, same model, that aren’t showing this issue
  • We swapped CAN ports and the issue was still in the same receiver
  • Antena interference is unlikely because of the simetric placement and lso because this issue is not happening in other drones.
  • The difference sometimes gets smaller, but there is a difference almost all the time.
    *Parameters are correct
    *The receivers are in the same FW and version.
  • The “bad” GPS is indeed showing much worse GPA values, but the latitude and longitude reported through the flight, from both “bad” and “good” receivers, are perfectly matched.


**Link to LOGS"

We’ll change the receiver, but in the meantime I’d like to dig deeper on this matter.


  • What could cause such an obstruction?
  • Could a small interference on the Here3 cable (the cable, not the receiver itself) cause that?