Here3 mount

I just got a here3 and setup was pretty easy and its working great! For mounting I just used double sided tape and that is working OK. But I see some notches on the underside which makes me think it is designed to go onto a specific mount. Is some kind of mount available or is their a standard suggested mount design? Or should I just stick with good ole double sided tape?

I am not versed in 3D printing, but my father has one and does a little 3D printer work, although he’s not exceptionally experienced yet. I thought the .STP file was what he needed to 3D print one of these HERE3 stands for me. Apparently he needs .STL files. Does anyone have these from 3D printing one of these stands for the HERE3 GPS? I’m not having much luck doing online conversions from STP to STL. It would be nice if just the STL files were available.


Chuck Bennett

Chuck, I converted to to STL but the files are to big for me to attach here. If you give me your e-mail I will send you the STL’s.


Thanks, Fred. I replied via a message.

I put a slightly modified one on thing verse that’s a little easier to print

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