Here3+ Remote ID Module

Mads Tech had a video today regarding the new Here3+. Anyone know where the documentation is for the remote ID module that’s built in?


The module will be available early next year and plugs in.


Is there a beta firmware available for the 3+ that will allow us to test this module?

As soon as the modules start shipping, yes

Just so I understand more clearly. The module is not built into the Here3+ but rather will be an add-on product? What is at the other end of the CAN cable inside the Here3+?

It plugs either into your carrier board or your here3+

Two versions available

  1. Serial for inside here3+ or on a serial port on the carrier board
  2. CAN for use independently to the here.
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Is it this?

Just from what I have read here I am assuming this will be considered a remote ID module by the FAA? This is opposed to a standard Remote ID device. The main difference as I understand it is a Standard Remote ID must be able to broadcast, from takeoff to shutdown,

  • Drone ID
  • Drone location and altitude
  • Drone velocity
  • Control station location and elevation
  • Time mark
  • Emergency status

The remote modules are not required to broadcast the GCS or emergency info.

What info does this new module broadcast?

The reason I ask is the remote modules as defined by FAA won’t allow a drone to be flown beyond visual line of site.

Will you please update this thread when things are ready to be sold?

That will depend on the OEM setup etc.

The system will be “standard” or “module” by FAA standards

Has there been any update on any documentation for installing the CubeID in the Here3+ yet. Really don’t want to take it apart and mess something up. TIA

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