Here3 u-blox firmware update problem

Hello guys!

I’m currently trying to flash the u-blox most recent firmware for my Here3 (1.43), following the tutorial that is described here. Unfortunately, the first time that I tried to do that, the Firmware Update Tool of u-center erased the old u-blox chip firmware and failed in the flashing of the new one. Now every time that I try to flash, I get this “Version Poll Failed” error as you can see in the image below:

The same behavior happens when I try to use the Legacy Firmware Update Tool of u-center:

Can someone point what I am missing here? I already tried flashing with u-center 22.05 and 20.10 (no changes with both). Also if Mission Planner 1.3.76 and 1.3.77 with old windows drivers (released in 2020) and most recent ones (released in July 2022)

Can you verify the UAVCAN Passthrough parameters?