Here3+ ublox pinmap

We purchased and use here3+.
I would like to receive only the L1 band of GPS signals through gnss configuration settings in u-center.
For this purpose, we would like to connect between here3+ and u-center through USB to TTL small board.
For this purpose, I would like to ask how to connect u-center.
Additionally, I would like to ask about the pin map of the UART port in the middle of the two CAN communication ports on the here3+ internal board.

Thank you for your consideration.
Best regards,
Min Jae Kim

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please answer me as soon as possible.

Looks like the pinouts are not published anywhere. It should contain GPS UART, compass I2C and few auxiliary GPS pinouts.
You can remove shielding and do a continuity check for find out.

@Minjae please refer to this file as a reference for pinouts for Here3+ GNSSPeriph-release/Here3+/hwdef.dat at release · CubePilot/GNSSPeriph-release · GitHub . Also note that the same project can be modified and used as you need.

With latest release Release v1.14.4 · CubePilot/GNSSPeriph-release · GitHub from the project you can connect to u-blox module present inside Here3+. Use mission planner to update firmware, Here 4 Manual | CubePilot . Select no to “Do you want to search the internet for firmware?” and manually select the Here3+_FW.bin file in the

Follow the steps on how to connect U-blox module here: Here 4 Manual | CubePilot . Ignore the steps on update ublox firmware.