Here3 Water Repellant/Splashproof not enough

Hi I currently have the Here3 in an enclosure to waterproof it but it is inconvenient and bulky.
I’m considering opening up the Here3 and apply conformal coating to electrical components and sealant to the joints. Will the conformal coating impact its operation?

Any tips to open it without damaging?

Also does the Here3 casing provide any shielding or only physical protection? If I’m going to have my own enclosure I might as well get rid of the enclosure it comes with to reduce size and weight.

IDGAF about warranty.

We opened a few Here 3s to change the cable and it is a pain. Even using the standard phone repair plastic priers you will damage the case a bit. There is a small rubber sealant (applied paste) all around where the 2 case parts come into contact with each other or with the transparent led parts.
I would say it will be fine in drizzle if not even in heavy rain. If you want to be extra careful, you could buy some electrical liquid tape and just paint all places where water could go it. The cable is very well protected so you can skip that.
Hope it helps

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I’m looking for a replacement cable 8pin to 4 pin shielded for the Here3. Any idea where I can get this?

We bought some from 3DXR but in our case we had to slightly modify them. Check their website or give them a call.