Here3+ with PX4 and QGC no GPS signal

Hi, I have a Here3+ with an CubeOrange running PX4 with QGC. I can’t get a GPS signal. QGC displays the following: GPS Count: 0, GPS Lock: None, HDOP 100.0, VDOP: 100.0 Course Over Ground 0.0. The connection works because I am able to configure the parameters of the gps module. If I set NTF_LED_OVERRIDE to 0, the Here3+ flashes yellow, with NTF_LED_OVERRIDE 1 it flashes red because the GPS is missing for arming in PX4. Could someone help me ? and what are the standard parameters for the Here3+ ?

Thanks in adwance!

You say that you’re using PX4 but you mention the parameter NTF_LED_OVERRIDE which is an ArduCopter parameter and not a PX4 one. Are you sure you’re really using PX4 and not ArduCopter?

Yes I am sure I meant the parameter from the GPS (in QGC there is a new device - the gps - and over there I can configure this parameter within px4 )