Here4 GPS not keeping GPS's


We have a few Here4 GPS’s and are wanting to use them with PX4 but when we plug them in to the cube, they sit for a bit and sometimes get up to like 12 GPS’s but will then just jump to 0 and then jump back spontaneously to 12 and back and forth every like 45 seconds. I went through and updated the firmware on these as they were an earlier batch (like october) and on U-Center, I was able to see the Satellites and they were consistent. They won’t work with PX4 or ardupilot. The here3 GPS still works on its own but when they are both plugged in, the GPS count will just spontaneously jump between max and none. Any help would be appreciated!

how are you powering it?

I’ve tried powering it using the USB to the cube which has been working for the Here 3 as well as trying it with the battery attached.

A bit of an update, I have gotten the GPS to work with a regular cube orange on both PX4 and ardupilot. They hold consistent amounts of GPS’s. The issue is that our main vehicle will be using an orange plus and we are trying to get it to work there. The cube does not show that a GPS is even connected on the Mavlink Inspector. I did enable UAVCAN as well as subscribed to GPS and MAG

What happens if you power up the orange plus in the same circumstance? It sounds like a power issue.