Here4 not visible anymore


I’ve an issue, shortly before the safety release bulletin I got my here 4 stuck, I cannot see it anymore on mission planner. The white led are flashing in a weird sequence.

I’ve updated my cube to the latest firmware, I’ve tried to use CAN 2 but no results.

Any idea?

Do you have a video of the LEDs?

Does the leds pattern looks like it’s updating? Like this

hi @philip, @Cybra,

Please find the video of the led sequence:

LED video

Regarding yours, that looks like a dead module. Open it and check for shorts.

Looks like module is in bootloader. Try updating firmware.

That is correct, please follow the steps to update your module using mission planner, follow the documentation here: Here 4 Manual | CubePilot @cedg507


unfortunately when I connect with MP 1.81 If i connect SLCAN then I only see the device with address 127.
I don’t see the here 4.

Any other alternative?