Hereflow Setup instructions ALPHA Batch


Hi All
the first 100 Can Flow units are in the warehouse!

this is the Alpha batch, Firmware on ardupilot is still in the PR stage, so be ready to need to update your vehicle, and please stay on top of patches as they come out.

These first units are marked as revision 3.


  1. the sensor needs > 60 lux lighting… or, add an LED for dark locations
  2. the TOF sensor is NOT a replacement for a more expensive SF11 or similar, for best results, get a good LIDAR.
  3. keep the lenses clean!
  4. these units are not waterproof!

@sidbh @Eric_Xie @jschall @Michael_Oborne

tested on copter for position hold. works well when either in TOR range, or if fitted with an SF11
tested on plane as a height by flow distance sensor with good GPS lock

Here Flow EN.pdf (1.8 MB)
Here Flow CH.pdf (2.0 MB)

Unable to setup hereflow
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The PR for this is now merged to master.

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