Herelink 1.1 basic Ethernet setup


I am trying to achieve a basic connection between Companion computer (a raspberry pi for now) and here link 1.1 Air Unit using RJ45 connection.

I could not find a cable for sale, so I had to build one following instructions availaible here

I found out in a post that Herelink ethernet does not work when usb connected

ultimately I would like to achieve the setup described here

but for now I would to know if there is a detailed documentation on how to connect Herelink 1.1 to companion computer using Ethernet connection.

I have setup the Raspbery pi with fixed IP in /etc/dhcpcd.conf using this cable but nothing seems to work (not even Raspberry Ethernet led lighting up). I tested the cable and connections are good. Any advice is welcome.

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I made a mistake, the cabling was wrong.
Here is the proper cabling :

There appears to be some confusion on the breakout cable from the air unit to a standard RJ45 plug, I have made some up as per this doc I have written and they work perfectly to a PC or suitable Network switch. The RX / TX can be swapped on most newer computers as they have a switch within but for some old ethernet devices you should have the X over connection as drawn.
If you struggle to get the correct gap for pins 4 and 5 on the RJ45 use some spare bits of wire when you insert the cut wires from the Herelink cable.
Note I have shown different colours on the cable to make the drawing easier to read, in reality all the cables I have are only Red and Black for both pairs.

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