Ethernet on the Herelink 1.1

I recently acquired a Herelink 1.1 system. Using the associated documentation I was able to connect from the exposed port on the air unit to an RJ-45 configuration. From there I statically assigned a companion computer an IP on the connected via the RJ-45. From that companion computer I can interact with any node in the and thus I can route from the air unit ( to the ground unit (

If I am following along with all the postings related to this, even with with Herelink 1.1 I still should need a USB to Ethernet adapter of some kind. I’ve tried tonight with some of the listed adapters in the various posts but none of it lead to success with respect to communicating to the I tried various manual route additions on both ends and it still failed with respect to the companion computer and a node on the same network ground side as the

Using tcpdump on the airunit I saw some promising traffic on what I remember being a, but I could be off on the range. This is useful from a routing concept but without root on the ground unit further routing modifications are impossible.

What is the recommend way to tap into the new Ethernet capabilities of the Herelink 1.1?

can you draw a picture/map of your layout.

ie where everything is connecting?

Hello Michael,

Thank you for the response. Here is what I am trying to achieve:

i have not tested but
laptop needs a static route to via
companion computer needs a static route for via is an internal network, and i wouldn’t complicate that at this point

you can get rtsp video from or
and mavlink from or port 14552

side note, you might not need to do anything on the laptop side, as it will likely be the default gateway… assuming you only have 1 network connection that is to the hotspot.

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Hello Michael,

I am happy to confirm that it is working. Thank you for the details that I had missed. The USB to Ethernet adapter is now 100% no longer part of the equation.