Herelink Air to Air problems - video and alternatives?

We have been working with the Herelink, and have only recently switched from the standard Air Unit to Ground Unit/Handset setup to the alternate Air Unit to Air Unit setup described here. We are using a V1.0 unit as the air transceiver, and a V1.1 unit as the ground transceiver, with an ethernet connection to a Fujitsu laptop to run our GCS. MAVLINK/telemetry communication seems to be working fine, but we’re having significant problems with the video feed.

The setup was tested using the EKEN H9R. We’ve experienced issues similar to the ones described here. Mission Planner and VLC media player were able to successfully connect to the camera’s video stream on extremely rare occasions (QGC was never successful), roughly 1 in 20 attempts to connect. When a connection was actually successful, the data was extremely compressed/low quality, very low framerate, and the connection appears to drop within a few seconds.

So, for my questions:

  1. Was the earlier issue with the unreliable EKEN H9R (and others) video connection ever addressed or followed up on? The forum post doesn’t indicate any progress was made.
  2. Are there any proven viable solutions to this problem- unreliable/low quality video connections?
  3. Assuming this problem can’t be resolved, what alternatives might be available? For instance, can the Herelink/camera combo be used only for still image captures rather than video, and if so, how does one implement this option? Is additional hardware required?