[solved]Radio Calibration on Herelink

Hi Ganesh,

greatly appreciated for the response.

could you share your succeed flying mode you set in your Herelink, joystick and throttle settings?

I suppose you did not remove the hardware spring installed.

Hi @Jai

I mostly used the Alt Hold which adjusts the throttle to hover, there for your center position on your throttle becomes hover, and the model just stays at the altitude you set. You can take your hand off the throttle and it will hold altitude.

If you want to increase the height push the throttle stick up and once you have reached the desired height you can leave the throttle stick and the model will hold that altitude and vise versa. In this mode the model will self level the roll and pitch. This is best mode to get you used to the controls, and once you have used to this you can try PosHold.

So there is no need to remove the spring on the throttle stick and I never did. I got used to the spring loaded throttle, since all my other drones do have spring loaded throttle.

One tip once you start flying keep the model at 1m height so if something goes wrong the impact will not damage your model. I have had plenty of this when I started flying, moved the lawn a few times and ran into the trees in my garden a few times, this did not destroy my model because it was close to the ground. The props were not damaged, the carbon fiber props are strong compared to my off the self drones.

If you need anything further I am happy to help, all the best.

hi Ganesh,

appreciated. will try what you suggested.
May write to you again if i still face the problem.

I am beginner pilot and find comfortably flying DJI A3.

Hi Jai,

May I please ask why you have chosen to use Herelink? and what fight controller you are using with Herelink? Why did you not stick with the DJI A3 FC?

Do you have experience flying iNav FC?

Eh, hmm, good questions.

Because DJI stop shipping and support RTK to my country, so we have no choice to switch it to Pixhawk 2.1 cube FC.

Herelink, because it has UI to setup waypoint flying and potentially integrate the RTK into one.

no, we have no idea about iNav FC, could you kindly share it with me? Can this platform allow you send private email to me? Take it offline.


Hi Ganesh,

It seems like without spring loaded throttle smoothing, the UA does not hold at the altitude when i select Altitude Hold flight modes.
The video shows that the throttle drops as I release my fingers, as the sound of the motors slowing down.

Hi Jai,

You need to actually fly your model, and the barometer in the cube will adjust the throttle, and the center position will be the hover throttle.


Your stick calibration is incorrect
Please recalibrate everything

Hi Ganesh,

By the way, how do you do the ESC calibration using Herelink?


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Hi @Jai & @philip

I have gone through the link provided by Philip a million times and I have also contacted Hobby King in vein trying to calibrate my ESC’s.

The tip Jai is to power Herelink separately so the air side is powered on then plug in the battery while holding the throttle stick up. This will take you into ESC calibration mode. Then you follow your ESC manufactures beep count to adjust your ESC’s.

I spent days on this, because there is a long lag for the air side of the Herelink to boot up wen you plug in the battery. I hope this will solve your problem.

You are welcome, I am happy to help.

Hi Ganesh,

Ya, i spent days searching internet too on how to calibrate the ESC with Herelink and finally found this and follow it.

One more question, what is your Herelink QGroundControl version and Android system version?
Mine version is shown here.

Leaving the HereLink powered is a good tip for this


Sorry for the late reply, my Qgroundcontrol Version: f25149835 2019-04-26 18:59:47 +0530 this is for my Beta 1 unit.

I will check my Beta 2 unit and get back to you soon.

Please upgrade

Hi @Ganesh,

Same version as mine.


till today, no one can confirm after applying version 0.2.2 update what is the QGC version users expecting.

New update is coming soon, it will be very very clear as to versions from then.


I have upgraded my controller and now it has the extra tabs as per the Beta 2 version, I do not know why you want me to upgrade again after checking QGC Version no? Please explain.

Thank You.

You said you were on Beta 1… if you have already upgraded then you don’t need too