Herelink Beta November 2021

Hi HereLink users

This is an announcement for a new Beta update that is now available.

To upgrade to this release you must follow these instructions.

1 .Open Herelink Settings -> goto AirUnit -> Click Update App
2. Open Herelink Settings again -> goto AirUnit > Click Update OTA App
3. Goto Android Settings -> About Phone -> System Update
4. Register for the Beta program - > Check For Update - > let it update


  1. Resolve ethernet bridge issue
  2. Update Apps - Settings, OTA, Solex
  3. Includes Mission Planner

This update is only for the GCS unit, there is no change to the Air unit.

@philip @Alvin


Thank you very much

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Thank you Michael for this and may you and your family have a wonderful X mas

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Updated and all working some nice little bits included like the battery status for herelink in the radio screen thank you

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Thank you for the update!!

How can the flight modes be set via Mavlink in Missionplanner?

Is there a way to display the battery level of the herelink on the screen (When QGC or Missionplanner are active?)

Great ! …Good effort by the dev team

Hello @Michael_Oborne,
how can the flight modes be set via Mavlink in Missionplanner?

Thank you!

Thanks for taking the time to make the ETH connection easier! Looking forward to playing with this in the future.

Hi Michale,

The double tap on the q-ground control app is still not working like before. IS this something you are aware of. Also is there way to buy Herelnks in bulk.

Thank you

Is this stable yet?

Hi, so I was wondering: Will there be a update repository with change-logs in the future?
It may be helpful for maintaining the software when you have added custom solutions to the HereLink.

any comments on this?