Herelink Beta Update May 2020

Hello Herelink Beta Users,

This is an announcement for a new Beta update that is now available. Please update your units by going to Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates -> Check For Updates . This will only work if you have updated your system at least once using this method: If you have not completed the steps mentioned in this doc, doing so will update you to this release.

Release Notes

  • New Interface for configuring buttons over RC.
  • Allow SBUS to be mapped to different channels and bus
  • Add setting for different stick modes
  • Add support for reversing individual RC stick outputs.
  • Add support for Throttle Center Zero
  • Updated Solex App
  • Fix overriding installed QGC with OEM’s version of QGC

General Notes

  • RC button configuration is not to be used for Mode switching except for failsafe modes like RTL, Land or Brake. The reason behind that RC based mode setting is not feedback based, unlike MAVLink based mode switching.
  • Updates are one way, you cannot downgrade once on newer Herelink firmware.
  • This is a beta update, meaning we are not yet at a stage to call the system stable, but we are getting closer. Hence, proceed with caution when using this device on an aircraft and avoid using for critical activities.
  • Ensure that you are on a stable 5GHz Wifi network before updating and go through docs if facing issues.
  • Do search the forum before raising a new query, and if the query is not posted please create a new topic, do not post queries on an off topic thread.
  • If you are using an old Herelink unit which did not come with 16 digit product please contact your reseller first, only in the scenarios where you are unable to get in touch with your Reseller PM me, @philip or @Eric_Xie. Also mention the reseller you bought the unit unit from in thr PM.

Thankyou all for your patience and continued support! We will be pushing more updates and changes to make this system better and reliable. Enjoy!


Thank you @sidbh.

I just finished the update and did not see any change in QGC to do button mapping to RC or PWM like before? Is this just for the Solex App or am I missing it in QGC?

Thank you.

Nothing has changed in QGC yet this was all Sbus in this update.

All Pwm and Sbus is now in Herelink settings.

Its been discussed for QGC and it’s going to be looked at in the future I believe. The priority of this one was Sbus.

While QGC will get more options I do not see it getting the same level as Development as Solex as Kelly is really fast at getting stuff done and really on the pulse.

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Ok, thank you. So just to be clear…I am still not able to map the buttons to PWM like I was doing before the big Herelink and QGC/Solex addition update over a month ago and the camera button does not work? I see you can do it Solex, but we have lost that use in QGC?

Yes you can now In the Herelink settings app For Sbus channels.

All Pwm for Sbus will be configured in Herelink settings

Pwm Servo outputs can be configured in Solex TX, more too come one this for QGC in future.

Please take a look at this for Sbus programming.

All I have created an update video for this update with all of the programming options for Sbus shown.

The Wiki should also be updated shortly as well as I have put one or two things in there for this update to reflect the changes too that should help explain things.

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Thank you @MadRC!

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Thank you!

Thank you for the update!

A question follows of course: is it right and why is it that the home button cannot configurated as SBUS out? This would be the only button I would like to use as fail safe (short: RTL and log: Land)…

You should map this via Mavlink commands to that function, it’s not available to Sbus options as I understand it from a system point of view.

Useful update. I would really like to see a wheel option to increment/decrement a PWM channel value at a rate proportional to deflection. This would be perfect for gimbal pitch. Unfortunately the SimpleBGC (Alexmos) does not support rate mode via serial connection.

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I don’t understand that. RTL and Land are the only modes I should map on SBUS and the home button is the obvious button to map it to. What did I get wrong here?

I would map Home to RTL via Mavlink and a second backup via Sbus on a long press on something.

There are some limitations with in the system what buttons can be used for what.

Me too, that would be amazing.


Should we set fltmode_ch: disabled?

Read it here:
Important Note: Ardupilot sets Sbus channel 5 to mode selection as default, this should be disabled with herelink by setting the pram FLTMODE_CH: to 0.

Yes highly advised.

Hello MadRC,

Yesterday I was doing my first testing of the new update. I have to say that I am really happy with the improvements. Today I will go to test flight to see if the problems with the inconsistent video and SOLEX app crashing, are gone. If yes, that would be amazing. Thank you for the explanatory video, it helped a lot to understand the new features.

I also think that if the new release could have the capability that Vince mentioned before: wheel option to increment/decrement a PWM channel value at a rate proportional to deflection. I am sure that many of us, we want to control gimbals, and set the inclination of them with this wheel.

In the way that works right now, it can be done, but if the wheel is released, the camera will be back to the default position and wont stay in the desired position.

Yesterday I flew with the new Firmware and SOLEX.

The problems with SOLEX app crashing are gone.

Problems with video are gone.

That is great, thanks.


Great to hear. I know the guys put a lot of work into things to stabilise this release.