Herelink Calibration / Button mapping: "Save Failed"


When attempting to save calibration or button settings I am getting a relatively non-description “save failed” and similar error messages. I have factory reset the herelink groundunit, checked for updates, and ran the firmware update utility for the airunit. I’ve seen Herelink Beta Update May 2020 but this does not seem to help.

Not sure what to try next. Here is an image as well as a video link of what I am seeing


Does anyone have ideas?

Here is a video:

Thanks so much

Sorry, I should add that it pairs and connects successfully, video streaming works, etc. Just can’t seem to map buttons

Have you calibrated the sticks and then saved that ?

What happens if you create a new profile ?

Yes, it immediately returns to an uncalibrated state and the new profile is “save failed”.
Interestingly, the uncalibrated behavior was happening on the previous groundunit firmware version so my system never quite matched the video guides you’ve posted (thank you for those!), but did not seem to impact the joystick or functionality in the app.

I will attempt to reflash the groundunit firmware next (I’ve only done factory reset/wipe through the android-system menu). Not sure if there is a logfile that I could explore or send to provide better insight?

So reinstalling the firmware on the remoteunit from scratch has resolved the issue.

Hopefully that helps anyone else if they come across the same issue!

Have you tried to use the oem folder before you got that error? I had the same problem, because I wasn’t using the latest oem folder available in the online CubePilot user guide.

Hmm, I did play around with the oem folder after the solex update (trying to push a custom build of qgroundcontrol), but thought I had reverted back. My memory stinks so this may well have been the issue. Thanks for the insight!

Was likely that. Glad you got it sorted.

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I have the same problem!
Please help me!
Thank u so much!

I have got the latest version herelink in Solex app, and have same problem as Gparrow.
I can’t config the button. Message “save fail”
Any ideal?

Thank you!

click “New” first

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Yes, I had click New and after that click ADD and the problem is continuing!!!
Not lucky!

i asume you typed a name after clicking add?

Here is my video:

Have you saved the joystick calibrations first ?

Soo please on the joystick page try calibrating and clicking save then try the buttons.

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I just fixed my problem, just only factory reset and re-upgrade again, the problem will disappear! Thank you so much!

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ok, must have been a currupt config file/directory.

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