Herelink Beta Wont Install


I am trying t get the Herelink onto the latest Beta (ARU02200723) , I have updated via the WinFlasher to SRU012000616 and then go into Phone settings on the herelink and check for the system update on the beta channel.
It says there is one available, and I hit update and it says Ready for update but just sits there, there is no button or option to proceed? Is this some sort of issue on my end or is there a step I am missing?


Hey, I’m facing the same issue…glad to be not the only one. :grinning:

The problem should be fixed. You may now try again.

@Alvin the download at least seems to start now - but its dead slow. About 20% during 10 minutes. Does not seem to be internet connection fault - as it tested for 35Mbit/s at the same time.

Update: it took 2 tries, first time download stalled at 47%, second time download finally succeeded after 50min.

Alvin I was able to download this beta today, thanks for the support on this on!