Herelink - Button Mapping - Sorry, I don't get it


as a guy coming from DJI stuff, I was really happy to see that there is some professional alternative to DJI Lightbridge and A3.

We already use the channel expansion kit on LB2 … The buttons and switches work, but the usability is a pain in the a**.

By switching to Pixhawk / Arducopter i promised myself to have less technical limitations, so I bought the Herelink and the Cube Orange.

After the basic setup, I came to the button configuration …

I am using a Alexmos Gimbal Controller and a Sony RX 100 and a PWM to Multiport Adapter (GentWire)
So I need one channel for zoom and one for video and image capture.

  • Tilt gimbal: At first, I set up the Dial to tilt my Gimbal. That worked fine.

  • Zoom: I would like to use a button combination (lets say “hold A button and move dial” to zoom in and out). hmm… no such options
    Then as a workaround I wanted to use two buttons on the same rc channel to zoom in and out (hm, doesn’t work either, because I just want to give a very short impulse while pressing the buttons and I cant map 2 buttons to the same RC out).

  • Taking Photo: I finally managed to use the upper right trigger button, to take a photo (but no such options such as “double click” to make the camera start recording …

  • Flight Mode Switch: And last but not least: how to switch flight modes, with just a single button?

Anybody here use Herelink commercially?
How did you guys work out these problems?

best regards,

Ok on the gimbal in Solex you can program a button to short and long press to change the Gimbal control output.

So for instance when standard it’s on Servo output 6 then long press A it would go to Servo 7, then short press A back to Servo 6, this could be used for two or more gimbal functions.

With regards to mode selection this must only be done via Mavlink command. You can in Solex set two on a button and map RTL to the home button as well. This was you get three. You can program more.

There will also be a load of Sbus options coming shortly however these must not be used for mode selection.